Windows Live Writer

I have now started to write these jottings (blog posts) with Windows Live Writer, it works perfectly on my test system using XAMPP where the blog images are stored in neat directories, but at the moment if I publish to this blog the images end up with verrrry long names. Hopefully I will find something that resolves this somewhere on the blogosphere.

12 golden rules for personal reputation management on the web

I found this on the ICAEW ITCounts community, thought it would be useful to share it.

Viideo been relocated

The 12 Rules from ION ICAEW on Vimeo.

After you?ve watched it here are some links to a few blogs you may find interesting:

Lastly, if it?s your company?s online reputation you?re thinking about do please take a look at the author, Antony Mayfield’s company iCrossing‘s website. They have also published a free eBook called What is Social Media? which you may find useful.