December Tweetup – Xmas

Time for a small Xmas celebration for the Banbury Tweetup. Thursday 6th December at the White Horse, 5:30 onwards, come when you can.

Be great if you could use the reply email to give some feedback of what you would like to see at the 2013 tweetups. I have some ideas but need help, more suggestions and volunteers to bring them to fruition.

Don’t forget the tweetup is both business and personal, an ideal way to find out how to use new social media tools to progress in this online world.

See you there


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Meeting @Chilternrailway

The first Tweetup at the White Horse North Bar was a great evening, guest of honour was Emma or E from @Chilternrailway who explained how Chiltern Railways had moved from using Twitter for marketing to using it for Customer Service with disruption updates and now Tweet the Managers where the Manager can sit anywhere with an internet connection and chat with passengers sorting out their myriad of issues.

The Tweetup even brought @birm2lond down from Birmingham to meet E and share his Twitter experiences.

We had a mix of local business people and individuals who use twitter to interact more socially. As in the past the new ideas that came from both sides help all to use the medium to do what they need/want to do.

Eventbrite seemed to be well received as a way of managing the invitations and giving details, so will continue to use that.
Who came:

@SteveGold123 @chilternrailway @TimTD @rightresultspml @geripinto @DerekBoughton @BUFC @pinkgerbera1 @thearteryshop @birm2lond @whitehorseBC @pmtate

The next tweetup will be Thursday 8th November, 5:30 pm at the White Horse North Bar Banbury.


p.s. If you know someone who would be an interesting guest then let me know and I will ask…

October 4th 2012 Tweetup at new venue

Coming up on Thursday 4th October 2012. the next Banbury Tweetup to be held in town at the White Horse North Bar Banbury.
Emma Gascoigne who tweets as @chilternrail has agreed to attend and let us know how Chiltern Railways have used Twitter since 2008 to communicate with their travellers.

“We were the first train company to use Twitter to communicate with customers, we started using it in 2009 after monitoring it at the end of 2008. We have been in Social Brands 100 for 2 years and we’ve also launched a very innovate idea called “Tweet the Managers”. “

Please reserve the first Thursday of every month, for the Tweetup, an event where all users (social and business) cross contaminate each other and learn how to use the best in social media, be it Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook Pinterest, Google+………..

I have created an event page on Eventbrite for you to register your interest. Eventbrite - Banbury Tweetup


We are looking for a venue in the Town for the next #BanburyTweetup, somewhere to have a round table discussion, perhaps food, drink.