Find your local IP address Windows 7

This is the Windows 7 version of how to find your local IP address, Vista is similar.

In the Task bar is a small computer icon


Click and Open Network sharing Centre
You will note it will say if the computer has internet access


Second row right hand side click the live connection, in this case Local Area connection


Click Details


This should show you the IP address


Safely Remove Hardware –Windows 7

Ever found yourself searching for the way to safely remove the USB stick in Windows 7, it is lost in the status bar?

Getting to this is very picky at times clip_image001
So the way is to create a desktop shortcut as follows: clip_image002
Right click the desktop select New then Shortcut

In Location "rundll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL hotplug.dll" – it is case sensitive

Give it a nice name clip_image004
You can give it a nice icon if you want, Right Click the icon and select Properties clip_image006
Click Change Icon clip_image007
Browse to shell32.dll and pick your icon clip_image008
OK and OK  
clip_image009 clip_image010
When you double click you get so you can select the device you want to remove. clip_image005

This tip was inspired from the official Windows Magazine.

Broken Search in Windows 7

I keep running into this issue and found this on this forum

1. End Task on EXPLORER.EXE from Task Manager.

2. Start the Registry Editor

3. Look for the following key:


4. Rename the key so it looks like the following:


5. From Task Manager click on File | New Task (Run) and type EXPLORER.EXE and hit return.

6. Now try your search from the Start Menu again.

If the above process doesn’t work for you, you can always put it back the way it was by reversing the process above.

I don’t understand exactly what this key is controlling, but hopefully someone else can shed some light on why this works.

I have run into this at least 4 times so far and have no idea why it keeps happening.

I also have no idea why the word wrap on the above works on Firefox but not on IE8.