Stoppress March 2007

This is my article from the March edition of TVSCA Stoppress:

During summer 2006 our Institute created five key advisory boards – Practice, Business, Young Professionals, International and Public Sector. These are focal points within the Institute for matters of strategic and operational interest and concern to members across all segments of the membership. The information flow is meant to be two way members to centre and centre to members. To this end the Practice Advisory Board is running a forum in March entitled “Shaping our Future”. It is the District Societies intention to send a representative to this event and for him/her to report back to the membership. In the meantime we will also be planning a local event, where Ian Morris (immediate Past President) will present the Board’s aims and views to the District Society. I would welcome an indication as to whether you would be interested in attending. Please email
Paul M Tate

The full edition can be found here