May Stoppress

Under normal circumstances, this would be my last Stoppress as your president; however, your committee have asked me to carry on for a second year whilst we try to find a new deputy president. As does the ICAEW we should have three officers, a President, Deputy and Vice. A triumvirate, managing the affairs of the society, each learning from his predecessor. If any members would like to be considered for these positions for 2007/2008 please feel free to email me.

TVSCA was founded as a branch of the London Society in 1968 and became the 21st District Society in 1977, so we are either 40 years old in 2008 or 30 in 2007. My question to you all is what should we do to celebrate these anniversaries?

I look forward to seeing you at the AGM in Oxford on 15th May.

Paul M Tate
President TVSCA

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