June Stoppress

Welcome to the June edition of Stoppress. May I take this opportunity to thank my fellow main committee members for voting me in as your president for a further term. I hope with this second year I can actually achieve some of the ideas promulgated during the last one. A presidential year has three phases: the first, June to about October, not much happens (primarily due to holidays); October through January you find out what is going on; then February to May you find out what you can change – too late to try and implement anything, so this year I will be off to a flying start! I would also like to thank David Duval and Graeme Gordon for stepping up as Deputy President and Vice President respectively, with Michael Cooper following on, so we now have a succession plan for the next three years at least. Come to the Business Confidence Monitor briefing at the Rye Hill golf club near Banbury. This free event is run in conjunction with Orange as one of Bretherton’s Professional Lunch Club events.

Paul M Tate
President TVSCA

the full version of Stoppress can be found here http://cecollect.com/ve/ZZh30f762661GaQS742