Can’t Max leave well alone?

This page was pointed out by F1Wolf on Twitter under the tweet ”can we get rid of mad Max, please”

and I must say I agree.

He now wants one engine across all formula 1 teams, my understanding and enthusiasm for F1 revolves around the fact that it is the pinnacle of motorsport with each competitor building the best and fastest car under the regulations building on their own and their partners strengths. If I wanted to watch Formula Ford or Formula Renault I would. These two both have the same engine and common components but the pinnacle they are not.

He wants teams to take account of “public awareness of environmental problems” fine, I probably agree, but why then remove the teams’ ability to produce their own engine management modules so that they could, for example, produce more economical engines that then work there way through to road cars. He might be back but he is not speaking for the current F1 fan (at least not the two in this house).