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This article should be read “Two key ideas for better broadband


Two key ideas for better broadband

The government’s Industry Day summit on Thursday to launch its key broadband policies risks missing out on some of the key ideas on how to tackle the UK’s big problems according to Point Topic, the broadband data analysts.
Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Culture, who leads the Coalition’s policy for broadband, has set two main objectives – to make sure that everyone can get at least two-megabits per second broadband by the end of 2012, and to give Britain the best superfast broadband network in Europe by 2015.  The Industry Day is intended to set out the policy in more detail and win industry support for carrying it out.
Tim Johnson, Chief Analyst at Point Topic, is concerned that some of the most important ideas for turning these ambitious policies into reality will not even get discussed at the Industry Day.  Two things he believes are essential if the policy is going to be successful; first, to ensure competitors in the broadband market have access to the information they need to invest in the new networks and second, to recognise that the task is bigger than expected.
One example of where the broadband industry needs to have open access to information is the location of BT’s street cabinets.  Most of the individual cabinets are sitting on the pavement, visible to everyone, but knowing where they all are, across the whole UK, is vital to targeting investment, whether it’s for the “two-meg minimum” or full next generation access.  ………………

This map has way to many red spots…..


They have a bigger version here http://point-topic.com/content/dslanalysis/tfsmj2010.html

USC broadband must be put in place before 2012 not moved out to 2015. As mentioned at #BDUK “Market failure” has been achieved so central funding can be used and a new public infrastructure put together it will after all provide savings across the board of Coalition spending which will improve it for everyone including those that have fast broadband.