Carterton Community College Design & Technology pages

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Word 1 Design brief and plan.doc

Word 2 Research – letter (optional).doc

Word 3 Research – questionnaire.doc

Word 4 Research – internet.doc

Word 5 Research – books.doc

Word 6 Survey of existing products.doc

Word 7 Design Specification-brainstorm of ideas.doc

Word?8 initial ideas.doc

Word 9a Design idea testing against spec.doc

Word 9b Design idea testing interviews.doc

Word 17 1 Design Development.doc

Word 17 2 Design Development.doc

Word 17 3 Design Development.doc

Word 17 4 Design Development.doc

Word 18 a Formal Drawing .doc

Word 18 Final Design .doc

Word 19 Manufacturing Plan two.doc

Word 19 Manufacturing Plan.doc

Word 20 Diary of making.doc

Word 21 Industrial Practices.doc

Word 22 Final evaluation.doc

Vickie Tate – DT Carterton Community College