Business Continuity

I have just come back from a local Oxfordshire County Council initiative seminar entitled “Operation Ostrich”.

The breakfast time seminar was well attended by local Cherwell businesses and I think all learnt things that, though obvious, were not in their own business plans.

The event was run using an audience participation case study where a fire had started in a vehicle in your office/factory car park and gradually escalated until it had reached your own building.

As you no longer had access to the building for an unknown amount of time how would you run your business, who would you contact, how would you contact them. As remember when you evacuate a building you aren’t supposed to take anything with you or go back for anything.

So where is the backup of your laptop, mobile phone, time manager etc.

Now I think I have found a use for all that offsite disk space Microsoft/BT keeps inviting me to use at minimal cost. Just have to keep it in a format that is easy to move around and password protect it.


BT Digital Vault

Windows Live SkyDrive